Climate Change NLC Workgroup

What will the potential of a changing climate have on the cold water resources we all respect and enjoy? Climate Change, and the extent to which it is man-caused, is a divisive issue; the Climate Change Workgroup respects that. We will develop an education and awareness program based upon the scientific background provided by TU Staff and others. With adequate scientific understanding, we all should be concerned about the impacts to our coldwater fishery resources.  How much risk should we accept?  Can we afford to risk the future of trout and salmon?

Trout and Climate Change Presentation - with Narrative Audio (2017)
Trout and Climate Change Presentation - Slides Only (2017)
This presentation was created by the volunteer-run Climate Change Workgroup of the NLC.

Click here to download a Climate Change fact sheet created by the workgroup and TU staff.


Committee Members
Chair: Brian Wagner, Pennsylvania
Noel Gollehon, Maryland
Brian Hines, California
Jerry Bender, California
Zack Cockrum, Virginia 
Robert Dibblee, Utah
Steven LaFalce, Arizona
Rich Rusk, Georgia  
Barry Coddens, Illinois  
Joe Miller, Arizona 
Dave Moldal, Oregon
Jeff Witten, Missouri
Jared Carpenter, Vermont
John Braico, New York  
Larry Harris, West Virginia  
Monty Murty, Pennsylvania
Bill Lanzoni, Connecticut
David Van Burgel, Maine
Mack Martin, Georgia

TU Staff Leads: Helen Neville, Steve Moyer

Meets: The 3rd Thursday of the month at 8:00 p.m. EST.


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